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UI Expert - AngularJs

Duration : 9 Months
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  • Professional User Experience
  • TypeScript Integration
  • Json Api Workflow
  • Services & Directives
  • Expressions, Filters, and Scopes
  • Angular 1.* Basic
  • Single Page Applications
  • User Interface Analysis
  • Bootstrap & Foundation Css
  • App Development Using Angular
  • Ajax, Data, and Angular
  • DOM Elements

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UI Expert - AngularJs

Designing friendly user interfaces for applications is called User Interface development. Interface plays an important role in directing the web traffic towards a particular website. An attractive interface is sure to attract more users than the one which does not have one. It happens despite of the fact that the functions of both are similar in nature.

Consequently, software companies hire individuals who could design fabulous interfaces for their web audience. These individuals are UI Experts. Their purpose is to employ creative ideas in order to make web interfaces attractive and user-friendly.

Anybody with a minimum qualification of Higher Secondary (Science or Commerce) and one year Diploma in Computer Applications.

Groveus introduces UI Expert course where students use tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Photostop, Axure and Blasamiq to design interfaces which appeals to users. The experience gained by user while navigating an application confirms the efficiency of a user interface. Therefore, UI experts analyze user experience and set a prototype to create enchanting and smooth navigating layouts for the prospective users. In this course students learn the principles of UI developing like basics of UI, tools and workflows,prototyping,visual designs, build elements and compatibility.

Career Options
  • UI Developer
  • Layout Designer
UI Development Course in siliguri